Mod 3 Pants

The Mantle Pant Mod 3, a streamlined adaptation of our signature operational attire that optimizes functionality without compromise. Engineered from ultra-lightweight, quick-drying, super-stretch, and water-repellent fabric, the Mod 3 ensures peak performance in all field conditions. While lighter, it maintains the stellar design of the Mod 1, facilitating strategic movement and positional efficiency. The simplified Mod 3 design does not include integrated internal knee pad pockets or external knee pads. Combine it with the matching half-zip top for a complete, sophisticated uniform. Experience operational clothing redefined with the Mantle Pant Mod 3.

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  • Quick-dry, super stretch, water-repellent fabric.
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric reinforcement at the seat, pockets, and cuffs.
  • Elastic waistband for added size adjustability.
  • Pocket design and location allow for access in a variety of positions.
  • YKK Zippers, Power hook & Loop – Shatter-proof rubber button

Sizing Example –

Height: 6′ Weight: 190 lbs

Waist: 38″ (measured) Hips: 40.5″

Medium – best fit, snug waist, not much room.

Large – fits, slightly baggy, ~3″ room in the waist.

Fabric Technology

  • 95% NYLON
  • 5% SPANDEX

Care Instructions


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17 reviews for Mod 3 Pants

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Based on 17 reviews
  1. William Clark


  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Pants are super comfortable, I do wish there was a little more substance to the waistband. Overall extremely happy and do recommend.

  3. Matthew L. (verified owner)

    I have to say Mantle customer service is great! Based on the size suggestions o. The website my first order was too big. That being said swapping them out was quick, easy and painless.

    Now for the pants themselves…awesome quality so far very durable and very comfortable. Going to recommend them to our agency for wear approval and hopefully get them for our entire PD. Thanks!

  4. Nicholas Thayer (verified owner)

    Pants are great, super breathable and flexible. Sizing was a little tough but I got a large and the length is great so I stuck with them. Overall very pleased especially for the price.

  5. Jeff (verified owner)

    Very durable, on par with any of the other Gucci tactical clothing companies. Of note is that the color is a much more accurate depiction on the Mantle photos than on the site. The LE Blue color scheme is accurate, but it looks a little light on the website. It’s the right color. Great job.

  6. Alexander (verified owner)

    My first impression of the pants were surprising at how light they are. Sadly, before even putting them on the button failed and I had to see it back on. I like them as a summer weight pant but the stitching quality on the button was cause for concern. Honestly, it may be replaced by Velcro in the near future as I don’t want a fail point on nearly $200 pants.

  7. Christopher (verified owner)

    I use this for patrol, the range and combatives. They have performed in all of these environments and feel amazing.

  8. Justin Moran (verified owner)

    Deadly…. Easily altered to be striped with organizational standards. Excellent.

  9. Jeremy (verified owner)

  10. Steve (verified owner)

    Normally wear size 32/32 and I selected the medium size. Fits perfectly. Super lightweight, comfortable, breathable Blue is a pretty good match other LE blues. Overall Happy.

  11. Kev

    I wear a 33” so I went with the large 34”. Pants fit great out of the box and for a couple wears but have stretched out over time. The crotch now hangs low. I’d try the 32” next time expecting them to stretch.

  12. Joseph B. (verified owner)

    Great pants for the summer. It would be a bonus internal knee pads could be added.

  13. Dan D (verified owner)

    Love these. However, the rubber button on one pair came off after a few wears. Otherwise fantastic fit and very comfortable

  14. Gabriel Kastner (verified owner)

    Great pants. Perfect for hot/rainy weather. Only downside is the front button came off after wearing them one time. Currently working with support to get these replaced. Would to get more for the future.

  15. Matt Traino (verified owner)

    Great pants and awesome customer service. I ordered the wrong size and they fixed it with zero issues. Super comfortable for 12 hour shifts, never going back to jumpsuits again. Two recommendations: 1-the button attachment needs improvement, added my own stitching to fix it. 2-please make the thigh pocket 5-10% larger, that would increase its utility. Solid product overall.

    • Caitlin Miller (store manager)

      Thank you for the feedback! We have fixed the button issue but we will take the pocket suggestion into consideration for the next restock.

  16. Matt

    Green!!!! For christ sake Green! have two pairs of Mod 1’s and the only complaint is they’re thick and heavy. As the Mod 3’s alleviate this, what a shock too me that they’re only offered in Blue

  17. Bryce D (verified owner)

    These pants are the best pants to hit the market! I wear them 4 days a week 50 hours a week, they. are. the BEST. However… the plastic button broke recently, and it seems difficult to replace. Otherwise, they are great, and I wish they came in ranger green as well.

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