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The Mantle Rain Jacket Mod 1 is a purpose-built, mission garment focusing on durability, articulation, and ventilation. Overbuilt waterproof protection and strategically placed zippers, pockets, and reinforcements ensure you stay dry and comfortable in even the worst conditions.

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Product Features

  • Oversized, adjustable helmet/coms-sized hood
  • Hydrophobic PTFE membrane (keeps your shit dry)
  • Integrated side zips for ventilation and gear or pocket access
  • Reinforced elbow area



  • Internal stretch/vent cuffs
  • Microfiber comfort collar
  • Pocket layout promotes access while wearing external gear and a belt
  • Each jacket is meticulously hand-constructed and inspected

Fabric Technology

  • Shell: 100% Polyamide PTFE Membrane. Interior: 100% Polyester Ratings: WR: 15
  • 000/ MVP: 8
  • 000


  • Machine wash - Cold
  • Gentle Cycle. Hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not iron
  • Treat with Nikwax after first wash


26 reviews for Rain Jacket

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  1. Vicki Tindall (verified owner)

    I bought this jacket for my boyfriend, as he is a firearms instructor. It kept him warm and dry all day on what would have been a very uncomfortable day otherwise. I can’t wait for the bibs to come back in stock so we can get those as well. Thank you for a great product

  2. Matthew Levi (verified owner)

    Worth the wait/hype. The coat has alot of features that aren’t mentioned on the site/media hype. However, the day after my coat arrived I spent 2 days straight in rain/snow. I stayed dry. The wrist features kept the sleeves in place and also allowed me to pull my gloved hands back inside when not needed out. The mesh lined pit zips allow for breathing but don’t open up to the point kit gets caught in it and tears coats up (a problem I’ve seen before).

  3. Christopher Sharon (verified owner)

  4. Matt Turner (verified owner)

    Great rain jacket. The hood fits over my helmet and ear pro. The vents allow your heat to escape while wearing kit. The customer service is also great. And they have great communication and quick replies.

  5. Cody Blevins (verified owner)

    Hands down the best rain jacket I have owned. This is a truly over build jacket. Absolutely zero complaints. Rain pants on the way.

  6. Michael H. (verified owner)

    Best rain jacket out there…period

  7. Joshua D. (verified owner)

    Crazy fast shipping. Amazing customer service. The jacket fits great however, the hood is very uncomfortable when rolled up and stored. I think this could be solved by making the hood detachable.

  8. Christopher W. (verified owner)

    Comfortable jacket. Wind proof. Very comfortable to wear. I wear it as a wind jacket as well. Can’t wait for the next biblical flood that a Centrifuge class brings to test it out.

  9. clarke (verified owner)

    Awesome jacket. Outstanding quality and workmanship.

  10. Robert (verified owner)

    One thing you may consider is a loop velcro field around the Mantle logo on the chest. When I wear it on duty, I will need to put a badge in that area.

  11. Mark Baldwin (verified owner)

    Could have used a couple more inches with an XXL size. It barely works for a 6’5” 280 LEO. Tall size option would have been perfect. Still great gear. Glad I got my stimulus check otherwise I would not have been able to afford them.

  12. ANTHONY S. (verified owner)

    Patrol Officer in Washington State. 5’11” and 240lbs. I wear a 36” pant and bought an XL Rain Jacket. Shipping was fast from Idaho, and packaged very well for the ride. First thought when putting on was the stitching appeared heavy duty, and fit great. Wore it now for a few torrential rains and stayed dry while on dog tracks and collisions. The movement in the arms and flexing in the gussets was bar none comparing to other higher end jackets.

    The arms appear to be a little large in the bicep region – or I need to hit arm day more than leg day.

  13. Christopher Sharon (verified owner)

    Another rainy range day? Bring it (even if it’s already been broughten). This jacket keeps me dry on patrol, and on the range. I usually wear it under my outer carrier on-duty and it keeps me bone dry.

  14. Richard (verified owner)

    Vents work well for breathability and temperature regulation.

  15. Alex C. (verified owner)

    Attention to detail would be an understatement, the only small issue i have is how bulky the collar can get when you roll up the hood to stow away. Could just the way im going about it

  16. Daniel Bedford (verified owner)

    I was told by Will during my VCQB-I course, “Any fool can be cold and wet”. Bought this jacket and I’m done being a fool. Definitely a purpose build jacket for the discerning professional. I only wish it had some Velcro loop on the chest for a badge/name tag so I can wear it as a patrol rain jacket to be compliant with the new police accountability bill recently passed. Love the cuffs and the pit zips (my favorite features). Will be buying more Mantle clothing items in the future!

  17. Emmanuel Aguet (verified owner)

  18. Frederic Eggli (verified owner)

  19. JOSHUA B. (verified owner)

    This is one of the best technical garments I’ve ever seen. I own: Arteryx Alpha ($800), Arteryx LEAF Alpha ($855), & Mountain Hardware Exposure rain jacket ($650). Going into this purchase I was not expecting much, more of a purchase by curiosity than anything. Needless to say I am BLOWN AWAY by this rain jacket. All the others have taken their rightful place, in the closet, due to this taking the throne! Bravo!! This coat could be $750-900 and still be worth the price!

  20. Anand Badgujar (verified owner)

    I first saw the Mantle rain jacket during an unseasonably rainy and cold week in New England. As I devoured alphabet soup in soggy shoes, a tattered soft shell, and ill advised cotton uniform pants I was in awe of Will, Brian, and the local team which had the wherewithal to own this. Hundreds of trips down to the gravel and back onto their feet these cats were dry as a bone and more importantly their gear was still intact. My buddy who was training with me, armed with the best brand name arrogance green rain gear that the agency could bestow upon him was looking ragged with holes in both his top and bottom.

    I first purchased the Mod 1 pants which since I’m simple, we’re a bit too long. Caitlin was spot on and shipped me out a new size ASAP. I’ve used these on numerous range deck trainings and a few comps. They are fantastic and holding up to their promise. Earlier this month I sprung for the rain jacket, it arrived and I was impressed with the quality. Still simple, I realized I needed a different size. Once again, Caitlin was Johnny on the spot and has made getting a replacement seamless.

    Quality product, chic fil a level customer service. If you’re going to buy once and cry once, Mantle Clothing is the way to go.

  21. Zachary (verified owner)

    Best gear!

  22. Allen P. (verified owner)

  23. Andrew Reinhardt (verified owner)

    Great jacket! has kept me dry through several training events.

  24. Heidi

    Great quality

  25. Mike (verified owner)

    Super durable and tough rain coat. I’ve owned mine for close to two years now and it has served me very well during the rainy season. A rugged design you don’t have to worry about using. Overall really happy with the product. My only complaint is the cuffs at the end of the sleeves are very tight making setting up insulating layers beneath doable but a bit difficult. Worth the price if you want a product you have to keep buying.

  26. Ron Williams

    Great Product

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